Live from Opera Festival: Cheval & Davo

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Opera festival is the Italian music and art event, which brings experimental electronic, pop and local traditional music into the eastern slopes of Mount Etna.

Live from Opera Festival: Cheval & Davo opera

In the picturesque village of Milo, Sicily, in the area in which the renowned Italian composer, singer and filmmaker Franco Battiato lived for half of his life last summer Opera The festival has invited a whole series of artists to its old volcanic environment at the head of their respective musical area.

We look forward to organizing a number of mixes from last year's edition. For the third episode of our series, your own Cheval and Davo are increasing with a warm and blissful mix of downstair Electro cuts, Techno and Rolling House, in which we have mild summer evenings dream, which you have only spent on the dance floor.

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