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  • Description
  • Software available in the Office 2019 Suite
  • System requirements
  • installation
  • How to Install or Reinstall Microsoft Office
  • Description
  • Software available in the Office 2019 Suite
  • System requirements
  • installation


Office 2019 is the name of the company's new software suite, the familiar name of Microsoft. Office 2019 comprises 12 separate software. Microsoft Office Suite is known as the most popular and of course most strongly known Office Suite in the world. The size and scope of this software suite are so that they have become impossible for competitors to achieve their position.

The software available in Office 2019 is specially developed and provided for a specific job. Since nobody is hidden, you need this software for everything. It doesn't matter whether you are a student or employee of an office. You must have this software set on your system.

The new version of Office 2019 published in October 2018 was accompanied by considerable improvements. By improving the user interface of the software in this collection, you made this software and tools better and easier in it. In addition, the tools in the software in the Microsoft software were changed.

Software available in the Office 2019 Suite

Word 2019

Excel 2019

Download Office 2019 Version 2006 Build 13001.20498 / 1908 RTM for free from 2019

PowerPoint 2019

Access 2019

Outlook 2019

Verlag 2019

Onenote 2019

Skype for Business 2019

Onedrive for Business 2019

Project professional 2019

Vision Professional 2019

As you know, each of these 12 applications has its own characteristics and functions. As mentioned in Office 2019, all software has subjected minors to extensive changes.

System requirements

Operating systems

Office 2019 only works on Window 10


Office 2019 Software Suite can only be installed and executed under Windows 10 operating system.

Currently the best option for activating this version is Office 2013-2019 C2R installation, which is contained in the portable package of KMS Tools and is available here. To activate, you must first go to the Care company.

The published version of the MSDN channel, like the RTM version, is the retail version, and for this version the volume version is not published as an ISO. So far, the volume version number has remained behind the retail version.

Update 1: An updated RTM version was up to the 12th. March published.

Update 2: An updated RTM version was 31. Published October.

There is a tool for extracting different software from the professional plus version for which it is not necessary download From other programs such as Visio Pro and Project Pro and also enables the software to be installed selectively.

Detailed specifications of the RTM 1908 version;

How to Install or Reinstall Microsoft Office

Office 2019 version 1908 Build 11929.20376 31. October

File name:
SHA-1: 93F633C11ac87abe1c6fed28421c5d7c05e8a462

Specifications of other downloadable or extractable files;

C2A24D428CE8BE749DDEF3B9FA0BFF6320D0ACB7 *16.0.11929.20376/

D9CD0E0DCB5181043FD551DAF1592B49C5164D97 *16.0.11929.20376/

D485ED30ACE4C02734A32913EA1A2CBAA23626C9 *16.0.11929.20376/

0Baf896261a4ec52a98b917a156a82b654a736a2 *16.0.11929.20376/

9d9fa846834d0ef6881ebad93407AF07729565D8 *16.0.11929.20376/

035e49d8d27626264563DD560082BA6D17F67 *16.0.11929.20376/

12607F20313BDCF6D02AEBDB4280F6104161E *16.0.11929.20376/

A3F6B64F6F189F46914EDCBA528A81700C4C2A0B *16.0.11929.20376/

ADB702CE148B9AD8EAB751AEC17AB1CF37C414 *16.0.11929.20376/

2428914947AD93BE18D0A1E5196F94E5260415F *16.0.11929.20376/

935caed8df25205E97B493900D9E84C1E4FAF35 *16.0.11929.20376/

A233764CF059F1470021E83C74FB29F176DA3 *16.0.11929.20376/

5BC5214DC0A87F683119F54E59DC2242512A057 *16.0.11929.20376/

694a4b029e839aa46abdbe139ffb810325a252 *16.0.11929.20376/

DD1B8C50A1A25DDE0C94584BFB9F3DF9C29619B0 *16.0.11929.20376/

6202f91faed013c1ff9FD0FDD6A3465D50404 *16.0.11929.20376/

VL version installation Guide:

Microsoft Office ProPlus 2019 Installation [With free activation key]

In the 2006 version in the 2006 retail VL version, if you encounter an update channel error when installing the VL version (select the ProPlus 2019 option), first install the retail version (Select the ProPlus 2019 option) and then use the In the crack available, the folder available in the crack – everything in one, activate Office; During activation the Office The version of the retail is converted into VL.

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